Portable Spectrophotometers

Datacolor 45GTM
The Datacolor 45G, a highly accurate portable spectrophotometer with integrated gloss measurement, allows customers to measure and control the surface appearance of products to achieve a close visual match. Datacolor 45G is ideal for inspection and control of painted surfaces, plastic parts, and other manufactured goods, producing measurement results that correlate better to visual assessment.
The New 45G
With it's best in class accuracy, the Datacolor 45G Portable Spectrophotometer takes the guesswork out of Appearance Quality Control by offering the best repeatability and inter-instrument agreement of any portable 45/0 Spectrophotometer in the world. The 45G also features an integrated 60º Gloss Meter, so that the user can measure Color Appearance and Gloss with a single button click, instead of using two separate instruments.

• Integrated 60º Gloss Meter for Simultaneous Color and Gloss Measurement.
• Powerful Datacolor Tools QC software included for in-depth analysis, archiving and communication of color data.
• Patent-pending full Spectrum LED illumination combines with the SP2000 spectral analyzer.
to provide the industry’s best Inter-Instrument Agreement in a 45/0 instrument.
• Standard Bluetooth communication allows direct wireless measurement into Datacolor Tools software.
• Multiple Pass/Fail Tolerancing satisfies supply chain demands.

Datacolor CHECKTM
Datacolor CHECK integrates Datacolor's high instrument standards with the power of a PDA, creating a portable spectrophotometer with unprecedented versatility. Datacolor CHECK allows you to capture color data anywhere and from samples of any shape or size - in any industry.
The convenience of portability
Incorporates all major color industry indices
Easy synchronization with the Datacolor CHECK Desktop
Can be connected, or "tethered" to a desktop PC for use as your primary spectrophotometer
Exported data is easily used with Datacolor TOOLS

MicroFlash 45 IR
Spectrodensitometer for rugged pressroom use with an extended wavelength range into the near IR region for security ink and coatings.
Take on specialty printing jobs with ease and accuracy
  Long-life battery
  Easy to use on-screen prompts
  Precise sample positioning


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